“An Atheist Muslim’s Perspective” on Islamophobia

Wonderful piece by Ali A. Rizvi, who notes that its writing could get him killed in his home country and many other Islamic states. (What’s an atheist Muslim, you ask? Ali explains “I’m not a believer, but I love Eid, the feasts of Ramadan, and my Muslim family and friends.”)

For the longest time, Arabs and Muslims have rightly complained that labeling them anti-Semitic for legitimate criticism of Israeli policy was the Israeli government’s ploy to shield itself from accountability. Today, Muslims (along with liberal apologist allies like Greenwald) are doing the same thing with their generously broad use of the “Islamophobia” label against the likes of Dawkins and Harris, both of whom have spoken against all religions equally, even if they contend (rightly so) that Islam poses a unique threat at this time because of its greatly increased influence on (and integration into) world politics, as Christianity had for centuries in Europe.

Read it here. (Mirror here if the original 404s.)

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