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On Truth: the Tyranny of Illusion (by Stefan Molyneux)

I cannot encourage you to read On Truth: the Tyranny of Illusion by Stefan Molyneux enough. It’s a free online “book” that takes an hour or so to get through. (Consider reading it with Readable.)


The topics of this philosophical “book” range include love, abuse, parents, authority, religion, maturity, and honesty.

If nothing else, it is a thought-provoking read.


Fantasy and irony:

I said: “Mom, I feel that you don’t listen to me.”

My mother replied: “Don’t be silly — of course I listen to you!”


The essence of wisdom is learning the value of “staying in the conversation,” even when it makes you uncomfortable.

Especially when it makes you uncomfortable.

Morality and authority:

When I was six, I was sent to an English boarding school. One of the rules there was that I was had to wear garters around my socks to keep them up, especially in church. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I entered the church without my garters on, I was being “disrespectful to God.” This didn’t make much sense to me; I argued that God made my legs, and men made garters, and I was sure that God would appreciate looking at his own creation rather than something that men made.

Naturally, my objections were also framed as immoral talkback – I was being “disrespectful” to the headmaster.

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Truth and the Tyranny of Illusion

Support John Travolta leaving Scientology: #supportTravolta

The rumors are probably true: John Travolta is scared of leaving Scientology, though its bad science and pseudo-medicine may be the ultimate cause of his son’s death.

The “church” has been long known to tell secrets about members when they leave or expose the “church” for what it is. The secrets are gained and written down during one-on-one “auditing” sessions (for which members must pay). L. Ron Hubbard’s son explained their especial favorite is sexual encounters and fantasies — and it’s a rare adult (not to mention movie star) who hasn’t had a potentially embarrassing sexual encounter or fantasy. The process of leaving would be very hard for Travolta, as it would be in any cult, but especially in this one.

That’s where we come in. If everyone can tweet a message of support with the hashtag #supportTravolta, we may be able to give him the courage he needs to do what he knows is best. By using the hashtag #supportTravolta, we are indicating our belief that, no matter what allegations the “church” may leak, they can’t be as bad as being a Scientologist. We know it’s not easy to leave, and we won’t spread negative rumors should they come out — instead, we will only congratulate John for doing an extremely difficult and important thing by leaving the cult of Scientology!

Click here to show your support!

Note: @JohnTravolta is not a verified account, so don’t bother messaging it.