How is it possible for Jesus to learn?

I found the following letter in The Independent:

Letter: The toddler Jesus

John Coutts Tuesday, 30 December 1997

The toddler Jesus

Sir: Glad tidings! Miles Kington has taken up New Testament studies (16 December). But he is way off-target in suggesting that Mary’s Boy Child would have made grown-up remarks at the age of six months. Luke’s Gospel (2:46,52) makes it quite clear that Jesus was a normal child who “grew both in body and wisdom” and asked questions rather than giving answers.


Gravesend, Kent

The passage in question recounts the story of Jesus going to the temple as a young boy/man and simultaneously learning and debating Jewish theology in an extraordinarily gifted manner. This is weird, because where is that skill coming from? The fact he is God? Then why does he need to learn anything at all?

That is a reason that a baby Jesus is absurd. What was God thinking as he waved his little hands and soiled himself?

One thought on “How is it possible for Jesus to learn?

  1. Ed

    God sent his Son Jesus in the form of a man in order to fulfill the purpose for which God sent him. Jesus was both fully man and fully God. If that seems to be a logical impossibility to some, it is my opinion that that logically impossibility does not necessarily follow from the statement that Jesus was both fully God and fully man. For those who have an interest in Science (and in Physics in particular) one need only consider the duality in the atomic scale realm as expressed in the Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Physics. When the Jewish leaders of Jesus’s day were questioning what to make of this sometimes termed “New prophet of Galilee”, they, after having seen and heard of the miracles that Jesus did, made a very astute observation. What they said in effect (I do not quote verbatim) “…if this man were not from God he could do nothing”

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