Militant Atheism

“Militant Atheism” is one of the most insultingly ignorant terms ever.

Number of wars started in the name of atheism: 0
Number of wars started in the name of a particular god: Unknown, probably a majority

Simply put, it’s wrong to call an atheist “militant” because they refuse to prentend to be religious, or because they decline to be reverent for superstition.

Consider this.

What do you call a vocal believer? A missionary or evangelist.

What actions denote a vocal believer? Visiting neighbors in attempts to convert them, passing religiously-based laws to restrict others’ activities (hello, Prop 8), and in many times and places in this world, possibly participating in – and certainly not protesting – conversions at knifepoint (e.g. many places in the current Middle East, or most of Dark Age Christian Mediavel Europe).

What do you call a vocal unbeliever? “Militant.” Yes, because of those bloody atheist inquisitions. </sarcasm> What might a vocal atheist do? I don’t see them knocking on doors. I suppose they might joke at the expense of superstitions, or criticize religion. In army uniform, apparently. Atheist color guard, march!

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