Pope Palpatine

I recently noticed a distinct lack of a page with a comprehensive list of “Pope Palpatine” images, so I compiled this one. (If you know who created these, or if I missed a good one, let me know.)

And just so you Catholics don’t accuse me of being needlessly “militant” (ha) you should note that I have many legitimate beefs with this guy, his predecessors, and the religion of which he is the dictator (and in which I was raised).

Pope evil children.jpg

pope lackoffaith.jpg.jpeg


I find your lack of faith disturbing.


pope palpatine 2.jpg

Sometimes illusions can be quite close to the truth!

Bonus: Catholic Cardinals heiling Herr Führer.


11 thoughts on “Pope Palpatine

  1. General Tso

    Oh wow, that one of the cardinals saluting Hitler is hilarious.

    Mr. Atheist adds: It’s really not, as other commenters note. Let’s move on.

  2. Chele Pataciuta

    I think one should consider the two cardinals everything but hilarious… Remember what it meant..

  3. Kate

    Oh, are you kidding me? Tell me, do you know something more about WW2 and Hitler? I am from a country where 80thousand of Jews (from 120th) were killed in camps. Do you know, who was in the same line after them? Roma, Slavs and Christians. The ideology of Hitler said, that religion is root of all problems. Yes, Jews was on the first place, but next? It is really discusting that you have fun from this sad moments of history.

  4. Mr. Atheist Post author

    Hitler said “Religion is the root of all problems?” Huh? He and his Nazis were Catholic.

    That said, I could easily believe he targeted various Christian denominations, perhaps including Orthodox.

    Personally, I don’t find the last picture funny at all, though, either.

  5. Mr. Atheist Post author

    Interesting, okay, it seems there is a lot of Christian imagery in Nazi propaganda, and for the most part Christian leaders did not object to Nazism; and some Nazi leaders privately viewed Nazism and Christianity as “irreconcilable” while others saw them as “part of the same movement.”

    Regardless — definitely a dark time for Germans and the world, and one that brings me no mirth.

  6. JBFH

    I kinda miss John Paul II. I don’t agree with most religious groups general stances on many things for varied reasons, but at least John Paul looked like a nice guy. o.O Palpatine kinda gives off the impression that he’s going to eat you alive…specially that first picture…Maybe someone should give him a snickers bar….

  7. AAA

    As to your pictures of the cardinals saluting Hitler, I will point out that many priests, bishops, and cardinals in churches throughout Germany, both Catholic and Protestant, were tortured or killed by the Nazis. The Nazis systematically expelled priests and higher ranking church officials from the churches and replaced them with Nazi stooges. I suggest you look your history up.

  8. Nicolas

    In my country, priest resisted. they don’t care about the position of the pope. they were cose from the people. In france.

  9. ora exacta

    Am aflat aceasta pagina, dupa ce am cautat despre Pope Palpatine | We Goats pe Google. Se pare ca informatia dvs e foarte valoroasa, mai ales ca am mai gasit aici si despre ora, ora exacta, lucruri interesante si folositoare. Mult succes in continuare!

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